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27 Nov 2018 04:13

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<p>Updated on April 5, 2013 Anamika S Jain moreAnamika S. Jain has been a social media marketing consultant for six years. She has written more than 200 articles on relationships and dating. Many people assume that Indians are gold loopy. Though this statement can't be utterly denied the truth is that Gold all the time had a special significance in all ages.</p>

<p>One might recall that Gold was one of many three gifts given by the three sensible males on the start of Jesus in line with the Holy Bible. There can be point out of the golden calf for idol worship and a press release that Abraham was wealthy in gold. It could also be famous that the Hindu God Brahma is referred to as Hiranyagarbha which means born of gold as he's born from the cosmic egg of gold.</p>

<p>In Hindu mythology, a number of the gods and goddesses are described as golden hued with reference to their beauty. The importance of gold might be understood in the saying all glitters will not be gold. The Holy Mart Kuber Khazana Coin Straight from Badrinath Dham The Aashirwad Kuber Coin procured from The core Temple of Badrinath.</p>

<p>Gold is taken into account an equivalent for liquid cash: Gold is extremely liquid and portable as a Safety or Asset. It may be converted to cash anytime when an emergency arises and is considered a buddy in want. Gold is taken into account as Status Symbol: Particularly in India gold symbolizes wealth. In Indian weddings the gold the bride brings in show her family's standing and wealth and kinds a part of the dowry given to bride. It's believed that a bride sporting 24k gold on their wedding ceremony to convey luck and happiness all through the married life.</p>

<p>Gold is an excellent investment: Gold is an asset which has constantly elevated in worth and thereby thought-about as a safe and safe funding. Gold is considered an effective diversifier which helps to scale back portfolio threat. Gold is taken into account as a very good gift merchandise: It is valuable and worthy across all cultures and instances.</p>

<p>The gold jewellery is given as gifts throughout weddings, festivals and different special events. Gold has great religious significance: Gold is the image of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and considered extremely auspicious. Gold is introduced or presented on festivals like Dhanteras and Akshaya Tritiya. Toe rings are by no means made from gold as it represents the goddess of wealth and shouldn't be soiled by touching a human's toes. Great Ornamental Value: Who can resist gold Ornaments? Women of every age and time have all the time liked carrying gold ornaments.</p>

<p>Moreover, Gold Ornaments are by no means out of vogue. It additionally could also be remembered that Wedding rings are additionally historically manufactured from gold to mark a long lasting relationship. Great worth as Heirloom: Gold jewellery is something which will be passed down from one era to the other as ancestral property. Isn’t this why individuals say Gold is perpetually?</p>

<p>Submit a CommentYou Must Register To CommentTo touch upon this article, it's essential to check in or enroll and put up using a HubPages Network account. Thanks for the comments Lgali and soni2006. You're proper Soniji,many trendy girl desire diamond to gold today. Yes many outdated people still in India are actually crazy about gold but the a lot younger era is looking out for diamonds. I've a giant circle of buddies and once i mentioned the same factor with my associates that what their spouse's want currently, diamond or gold, and 80% of them mentioned diamond but then also different individuals have different views.</p>

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<p>It is perhaps possible that what my circle of associates like, another individual's friend don't like. Thanks dohn121 for the good feedback. But i still really feel that Indians are more crazy about gold. Great Golden hub, Anamika! You possibly can say the same about the rest of Asia generally. Gold is a good investment and in occasions of want can simply be sold or pawned off (borrow from the pawn-broker) for money. You are right Surendra. Gold has several functions including the utilization in sweets and dentistry.</p>

<p>But that are not the reasons for a normal Indians fascination for Gold. Excellent weblog about our obsession with gold. You have most likely missed out on consuming gold-leaves ('wirk') because as a consequence of excessive gold price it's hardly seen. How true, Anamika - it's so ingrained in us to collect or give gold, isn't it?</p>

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